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Taiwan is some really great and special place to visit, with lots of stuff to see and do. Here are some of our favourite tours:

  • Taiwanese Cooking Class: “Ivy’s kitchen”Learn to cook real Taiwanese food in the group with a Taiwanese cooking chef! Before the cooking-class starts, you are going to visit the traditional “Shidong Market” – Nowhere else you can smell, feel and taste the culture of Taiwan like in this place!

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  • Magical Sky Lantern Tour

    On this tour you take the historic train to Pingxi, where you cross beautiful green valleys with large rivers and forests. From Mount Xiaozi you’ll have a great view all over the amazing landscape on the foot of the mountain.
    The highlight of this tour is the moment when you release your traditional Taiwanese lantern to the sky with your wishes written on it…
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  • Gold Panning Tour
    On this tour, you can go gold panning like people did a hundred years ago! But it’s not only all about panning gold: You will experience Yin-Yang Sea, which is colored in a mix of yellow and blue, you’ll visit Jiufen Gold Waterfalls and go on a gold mine walking tour!
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  • Tea Culture Day Tour
    This tour is all about tea – the national-drink of Taiwan. With a gondola, you are going to float over the amazing mountain landscape of Maokong. The highlight of this tour is the tea-plantation Bagua: Walk within the tea-plants, just like in a vineyard, and enjoy the beautiful view all over the “sea of the thousand islands”!
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  • 3 day-tour: Backpackers Conquer Taipei
    Dive into the Taiwanese lifestyle by visiting the best locations in Taipeh and experiencing the city just like a local: It’s not only the famous places of interest you’ll go, but also insider tips like exotic night markets and Pingxi, where you can send your paper-lantern to the sky!
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